What is Eiss?

Viesage Cosmetics presents a brand formulation moisturising skin cream designed to showcase the latest patented polymer ingredient technology.

Unique Feel from a Unique Process

Eiss is a rich, smooth, moisturising cream for facial use. It has been specially formulated with a unique patented viscosifying system. The viscosifying active is precisely manufactured to produce millions of small spherical beads, which when applied to the skin provides a remarkable sensation. It is as though the skin is covered with a minute layer of tiny spheres over which the fingers pass effortlessly. This provides the unique silky feeling of Eiss. As well as the remarkable smoothness, Eiss has none of the sticky, tacky properties associated with other creams.

Product Testing

Eiss has passed extended finished formulation stability tests through a rigorous quality regime in a UCAS approved
laboratory by an experienced third party formulation expert in the UK. The report from this test is available on request. Patch testing has been undertaken on the novel polymer ingredient viscosifyer, and these results are available on request. The remaining ingredients are acknowledged cosmetic ingredients purchased from reputable sources.

MORINGA Oelifera

It is named the tree that never dies. In regions of Africa called Nebeday, it is considered a miracle tree as every part of it finds a use, especially for pharmacological and nutritional purposes. The leaves are used in traditional medicine to treat and cure many physical ailments. The fruits are cooked as vegetables or served as condiments and the flowers yield nectar that has anti-inflammation properties.

The acknowledged healing properties of Moringa match today’s interest in the holistic and ayurvedic approaches to personal care products and explain why Moringa oil is one of the primary raw materials in Eiss. On the basis of urban pollution models, Moringa proteins have been tested independently as agents for protecting skin cells against pollution, intake of heavy metals and cigarette smoke.

The synergistic formulation encompassing Moringa Oil with the unique viscousifying system and enriched with natural oils from honey, sesame oil and rice bean oil, results in a superb, lightweight non tacky cream with a true feeling and longer lasting softness.


ROVISOME Q10 stabilises and protect the skin cell membranes by acting as both as an anti-oxidant and radical scavenger. Furthermore they support the energy supply of the cell metabolism, thereby reducing skin-ageing and wrinkle formation.

ROVISOME Q10 is transported (a liposomal carrier system) into the deeper layers of the human skin and can be supplied to the cells optimally. ROVISOME Q10 is a complex of active ingredients against skin-ageing which is supported by the lipids and liposomes. They are active as cosmetic ingredients themselves – achieving wrinkle reduction and improved skin smoothness.

Panel Test Comments - Tests undertaken in UK August 2005

Two separate independent panel tests were undertaken in the UK in August 2005.
The Skin Silk was gently rubbed onto both the hands and face.
The following are representative for the comments from both tests.

“It feels a little sticky on application, but is then almost immediately absorbed”
Mrs S of Yorkshire

“It leaves the skin feeling very comfortable. Drier skins may need a moisturiser to be applied”
Miss J of Manchester

Brand Labelling?

Eiss products are available from Viesage for own brand labelling or under Viesage’s Cosmetic Care brand.

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