The microencapsulation process

Microencapsulation is a process whereby a substance in an extreme state of comminution ie ultrafine capsules or beads, is enclosed by a protective skin, from which the substance is released by impact, solution, heat or other mechanism.

The microencapsulation of active ingredients is a developing technology being used for a variety of applications.
to protect active ingredients from hostile environments
to provide delayed release

The most commonplace example of the use of microencapsulation is the 'scratch and sniff' perfume strips whereby finely dispersed droplets of perfume are encapsulated within a protective shell which prevents evaporation until the capsules are broken by applying pressure.

Microencapsulation techniques.

Viesage has developed microencapsulation techniques. Such techniques are axiomatically related to the active. Thus, the selection of the microencapsulation system has to be individually tailored to satisfy the chemistry of the active ingredient and the system or process into which the product is to be applied.

Viesage encapsulation technology has been used successfully to encapsulate:
Sunscreen actives to enhance performance within skin care products
Fragrances used in 'wet wipe' personal care products

Viesage offer a consultancy service to meet individual microencapsulation requirements.

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Prototype formulations are provided in good faith but for guidance only. We recommend the user perform their own compatibility, stability and performance tests .Viesage disclaim any liability, including patent infringement, incurred in connection with the use of of the ingredients listed.
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