Skin Delivery Systems Enhanced by Encapsulation
Cosmetoceuticals can be identified as the driver behind novel personal care products, as the active ingredient is transported into deeper skin layers enhancing their bioavailability. The application of intelligent coatings, which respond to changes in humidity, temperature, alkalinity, or release on application (e.g. due to rubbing) is the essence behind the field of powdered, liquid and gel-based microcapsules. Microcapsules provide sustained and controlled release of actives and enhanced stability due to protection. Capsules are produced which are sensitive to light, moisture and oxidation and release therapeutic, natural, materials as a result of these triggers. The capsules also permit longer shelf life and reduce volatility of the product. They further permit the separation of incompatible substances within a single formulation, facilitating the task of the formulator.

Viesage's Unique Contribution
Viesage Ltd offers a fascinating range of patented and innovative Microcapsules tune for various applications from topical to hair and ranging in size from 1m to 200m. As an example our development teams have invented means to encapsulate and contain aloe vera (active) in soft powders which release the liquid on contact to skin. This provides rapid percutaneous absorption with an ease of application. The phraseology 'Dry Liquid' denotes, in our case, a product where the active ingredient is a fluid which is absorbed into a porous substrate. The resulting powder is free flowing and feels dry to the touch, much like talc though the active remains liquid and hence, more bio-available. The products are supplied as powders with the dissolution of the matrix tuned to skin temperature to provide trans-dermal penetration.


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